Sunday, 25 May 2014

Expandable Infra Pvt Ltd leaves a footprint in Cyprus

India is witnessing an unprecedented boom in the Real Estate and the Oil and Gas sector, with 2014 especially slated to be a landmark year for these two industries.

As chairman of Expandable Infra Private Limited, a Consulting & Investment Company in the construction and energy segment, I see boundless opportunities for growth and global expansion. Through our strong client-focussed approach, we have already established our niche in several countries and continue to explore untapped territories. Expandable has an international presence, with offices in India, Dubai, Malaysia, Cyprus, Iraq and the UK and have strategic alliances with some major business houses across the globe.

The real estate sector has been the spine of the Indian economy and has been a major contributor in its growth - the Real Estate Sector contributes 8.53% of the total GDP and also witnessed growth rate to the tune of 30%.

These are not really happy times, even if it’s just a passing phase. Cash-starved developers, which are struggling to find funds for their construction activities, are looking towards investors to bail them out and we see huge opportunity in this.

At Expandable Infra Private Limited, we indulge in globally-accepted practices to real estate funding. We have played a major role in reviving the interest of both global and domestic investors in the sector. This has provided the much-needed respite to the commercial real estate sector and has enabled developers sitting on assets to both unlock value and create liquidity. The return on investment has been huge and that has facilitated the way for us to entertain expansion plans.

Our foray into the Oil and Gas sector has paid rich dividends in the past and our current engagement in Cyprus has positioned us alongside leading investors in the business. As investment partners in the development of Marina in Cyprus, we have added yet another feather to our illustrious operations. It has given us a point of reference for further similar developments.

Our partnership with the Zenon Consortium in Cyprus is tipped to benefit the European region to a great extent. Besides adding to our ever-growing portfolio, the project has given a fillip to our dedicated bunch of employees who have always felt a sense of ownership in the company. The aspirations will only multiply now.

The keys to success for Expandable Infra Pvt Ltd are in developing loyal, respectful, and intensive relationship with clients; Strategic Tie ups with major companies in respective country, fast response time for special problems, Quality, Excellence in fulfilling the promise, and above all, the willpower for creating inter-regional and international contacts.

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